We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Lucent Properties, LLC.

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Thank you for making this such an easy, pain free sale. It was a pleasure working with you and Marguerite.

- Helen Bronson

Dear Paul and Marguerite, thank you for the lovely card. You are both so thoughtful. Your timing was perfect. Because you bought the house so quickly, I was able to pay off funeral expenses and other bills after Dave’s passing. You are my angels. God bless you.

- Marsha Arner

Paul, you did exactly what you said you would do. There was no confusion in the process, which I am very happy about. Jill and I are happy that Dad’s house is in capable hands. Good luck.

- Carl Bailey

Private Lending LLC“I worked with Paul on a real estate investment in Bloomfield, CT.  Paul is very organized and detailed. He got the work done to a high quality level and handled the unexpected problems quickly and  efficiently. Paul was proactive in providing me all the detailed  documentation and Building Department paperwork that I require. Paul was easy to work with and I would work with him again.”

- Scott Leonard, Owner, Private Lending LLC

“We have provided tax preparation services for Lucent Properties, LLC and its owners for over a decade. They have been nothing short of trustworthy, reputable and honest. We highly recommend them!”

- Taxes First
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“Of all the people we dealt with, you were the only one who didn’t emphasize all the negatives about the house…

- Lynn Byrne

Sell-Your-House-Fast“Paul, you came through on all your promises. I am very pleased that we closed on the house within 3 weeks…before the winter set in. Thanks a million!”

- Chris Bloniarz

“…This was a true win-win for everyone. My lender was happy and I was happy.” We-Buy-Hartford-County-Houses

“Paul, your timing was perfect. You helped me get out from the debt burden and negotiated a reduced payoff with the mortgage holder. This was a true win-win for everyone. My lender was happy, and I was happy.”

- Byron Becker